Sunday, August 17, 2014

Paradise Briyani Pointe, Winchester MO, Restaurant Review

All right this place is going to be hard to find.  It is tucked away in the corner of Winchester Plaza down a bit from St. Louis Bread Co..  The strange thing is that this is part of a chain of Indian Restaurants with about 40 locations nation wide.  My wife and I ordered the buffet.  There were a lot of items that I had never had before.  Unfortunately, not everything was labeled.  There was fish mash dish that was really good but I have not clue what it was called.  There was also this curry with whole hard boiled eggs that was really good.  Also, not labeled.

Overall, the food was excellent given we got the buffet.  The service was really confused.  I've never had such confusing service.  Everyone was really shy and didn't seem to know what was going on.  Most of the patrons were Indian so it may have been due to some language barriers.  Although I could understand everything .  There did seem to be a few employees who did not speak English at all.  That's okay just serve up the legit Indian Cuisine and we can keep that party popping.

Well I recommend this place.  Hopefully they iron out some of the service issues.I will say I eat at a lot of Indian restaurants and the service is typically a bit weird.

Lambert's Cafe, Sikeston, MO Restaurant Review

After seeing billboard after billboard for this restaurant I decided to stop in and check it out.  Lambert's has an old fashioned concept that was new to me.  The two unique features of the restaurant are the thrown rolls and the pass arounds.  The term thrown rolls doesn't refer to a baking method.  It refers to a delivery system.  There is a guy that throws rolls across the restaurant when you signal your ready to catch a roll.  Don't worry he's got a good arm.  Watch out hot softball sized roll, incoming.    The pass arounds are delivered by people carrying around huge pots full of food.  These come with your meal and are all you can eat.  The portions provided with your meal are huge.  If you don't plan on having anything to go watch your intake on the pass arounds.

Lambert's serves home cooked southern cuisine.  It's nothing classy but it is exactly what it's supposed to be.  This is your grandma's cooking.  Straightforward nto very creative but really good.  This is food that soothes the soul.  Overall Lambert's offers a great experience.  Now when we went we only waited for fifteen minutes to get through the door.  I've heard there can be an hour plus wait to be seated.  That is really saying something because this restaurant is huge.  If you're driving down the highway and see a Lambert's cafe billboar mark the exit and stop by for a great time.

Now there are three locations but Sikeston is the home of Lambert's Cafe.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

This was a good movie.  I expected it to be really bad but I was pleasantly surprised.  When I saw the previews I thought the characters were pretty cheesy.  The genius of the film is that they made sure the characters weren't overbearing.  The character flaws/quirks were kept life size, which played out really well.

Grut was my favorite character by far.  The writers were very creative with this character.  Grut was an amazing character and it is worth the price of admission just to see the things the came up with for this character.  I will say he was by far the best character.  The rest of the characters played very traditional rolls.

The reason this movie is that the comedy wasn't forced.  The laughs seemed to flow naturally.  There was a lot of adult humor in the film as well.  In that way the film was similar to the first Shrek.  A lot for the kids but enough for the adults.  This was definitely a comedic space odyssey that was pulled of successfully.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kobe Steakhouse at Westport - Restaurant Review

The food was good.  I am not a great fan of food from the hibachi but I do like the show.  The problem with Kobe is that one of the chef's was on his game and the other was horrible.  Our chef was the horrible one.  If we had been seated near the other chef's grill we would have had a great time.

I went with four other people and a member of our group tried shrimp for the first time.   He like it.  Tasty shrimp, I like to eat them to.  I got that Land and Sea.  Now this was by accident, they got to me and I hadn't been paying attention.  I read the first thing I saw on the menu.  Again, it was good but not a unique meal.  The drink made up for it though, they were strong and not too hard on the wallet.

My favorite tricks were the egg toss and the onion ring volcano train deal.  I can't touch an egg without breaking the thing.  I don't know how that guy flings it around with a steel spatula.  Amazing.  Kobe is a fun thing to do if you're making a night out at Westport.  We also ended up at the Funnybone and Train Wreck Saloon.  Cost for four at Kobe 120 dollars (2 alcoholic beverages), tickets to Funnybone 20 dollars, drinks for two at Funnybone 50 dollars (bucket of beer, three call drinks), drinks for 2 at Train Wreck 80 dollars.  I was in a group of four but two people didn't drink.  They got sodas or juice everywhere we went.  Value??  Totally worth it I had a lot of fun.

I didn't do this but a bonus is that you can use Priceline to bid for a room in the area if you want to have a hotel party.  Winning bid from 40 - 45 dollars.  You should get the Sheraton Westport Chalet, Doubletree or Marriott Courtyard.

Transformers Age of Extinction

I know I am supposed to write reviews about movies I have seen but in this case I am going to make an exception.   I hate Michael Bay because he is the destroyer of child hood memories.  I was so excited when I heard that this movie bombed over the 4th of July weekend.  Happy Birthday America, our gift, realizing Michael Bay is an asshole.

Then I read the horrible news.  The movie was save by the Chinese box offices.  Why?  Not only do we owe them our soul but they are using the interest to further destroy my precious child hood memories.  Please, China those sweet morsels I've retained from way back when are all I have left.  This is my campaign to stop Michael Bay.  Some one please translate this post to Chinese.  Let the Chinese know that my brain cannot comprehend the crappy rendition of American staples that Michael Bay calls art or artistic license.  My view on his work is that he poorly plagiarizes.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Feature Godzilla and Blended at the Drive-In

Alright, I had my first drive-in experience.  It is definitely different going to a drive-in.  I think the big benefit is going to the movies with a large group of people and the ability to bring in whatever the hell you want.  I brought a mixer pack of vodkas, rum, whiskey and a bunch of mixers.   Now that's a good time.  The downside are the trains that roll by and the people in the other movie that have the ultimate sound system and intend to use it.   I honestly got over it pretty quickly.  VODKA, RUM, WHISKEY!!!!!

Godzilla wasn't what I thought it was going to be.  I thought the battle was going to be against Godzilla and different cities were going to be ripped a part.  Another problem with the movie was that it was too dark for an action film and like a lot of action films don't expect a good storyline.  I also expected some more spectacular scenes.  I know this is cliche but I really wanted to see the side of a building getting ripped off exposing some guy sitting on the toilet.  Since, I was drinking I had to  run to the bathroom a couple times.  Maybe I missed the scene let me know.  This is the type of movie you know whether your going to like before you see it.  If you typically love this stuff go see it, but if you don't it's going to be a long two hours.

The second movie I liked a lot more, Blended.  This is your typical sappy Adam Sandler film.  Nobody should admit to liking these but I love them.  I though the movie had a lot of great scenes.  They were predictable but funny.  I will admit liking movies like this is my expression of bad taste but I am going to recommend seeing this movie.  I hope you're pleasantly surprised, let me know in the comments.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Walking Dead: Terminus Season Finale

Well they've been worried about being eaten by zombies but now I think they gotta watch becoming some people chow.  At lead Rick didn't make it to eating one of those plates they were offering.

So what support from the episode do I have from the episode for my assumption.  Well they have been directed into a cattle car to start.  Next when they were being shot at they ran by a pile of skeletal remains.  That might not be such a big deal if there was livestock in anyone of those scenes.

I will tell you they left so much open I am going to burst at the seems before October.  I am not sure I am going to be able to take it.  Walking Dead is the one show I watch religiously and the church has been closed for six months.  It's wrong, I tell ya.